An Initiative by Skillible to Upskill Indian Women.

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Reskilled women is future of work

IMF projected that 11% of jobs held by women are at risk of elimination due to digital technology, compared to 9 percent of their male counterparts. So, roughly estimated, around 26 million women’s jobs in 30 countries are at high risk of being displaced by technology within the next 20 years.

The solution lies in

Upgrading, Reskilling, and Upskilling

Reskilling is an imperative call to usher consequential changes in the struggle for securing gender diversity. Not only for individuals but also for businesses looking to hire skilled female resources or swap those who have left.

“Upskilling will enable every female employee to move out of the non-verse bracket”

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Skillible is Equipped to Eradicate All your Worries

Lack of upskilling programs

If you are worried to find that one destination where you can find reliable upskilling programs then you can rest your faith in us. Skillible has not just created programs for working women but even for those who had to give up on their career and come across inevitable breaks.

Confidence Gap

We know how it feels, a lack of confidence can cast a devastating impact not just on your competency level but on your career graph as well. A great way to narrow down this gap is to invest in our diversified courses to uplift your skill sets.

Lack of a mentor

Mentors are essential because they can see where we can improve and where we cannot. Skillible has a team of professionally trained and experienced mentors who will create your personalized road map to success.

Underrepresentation of women in Tech

Women are not just underrepresented but underpaid as well. To overcome this shortcoming, you need to expend in professional courses. Skillible can reverse this trend!

Why Learn Salesforce?
  • An opportunity to advance in your career

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  • Acquire higher earning potential

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  • Fetch your dream job

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  • Opens up your chances to work in any sector

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Skillible is set to raise the women's workforce immunity against all odds

  • Reskilling with Skillible can flip the odds, we offer significant opportunities to women, especially in STEM role which are highly in demand in today’s time. We believe that promoting upskilling without gender equity lens will continue to leave women behind their counterparts.
  • Skillible ensures a conclusive environment for all its learners by investing more in diverse and inclusive programs. Not just programs that uplift your career but an experience that guarantees you a robust and skillful output.

Key Benefits Of Enrolling With Us

No Cost learning opportunity

Placement opportunities

Avail Sponsorship opportunities 

Instructor led classroom

Career Reboot Program By Skillible

An exclusive program by Skillible to help women come back into the workforce. Skillible aims to create an empowering tech ecosystem for women to work, grow and sustain in their careers.


  • Special programs leading the way for women in Technology.
  • Mentorship and upskilling opportunities for women.
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Useful insights from Top IT leaders
  • Gain hands-on experience by working on Real-Time use cases.
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Revitalize your career with Women In Tech

We often lack that motivation that is needed to kick start our careers into high gear. Women in Tech is a career enhancer program, it is an effort to uplift your existing career graph. This is a program that will give you an opportunity to fetch those lucrative salary hikes which you have been kept away, from in the name of technical inadequacy.


  • Help working women accelerate their careers by enrolling in Salesforce Development & Admin courses.
  • Help working women upskill without leaving their job.
  • Help working women fetch a lucrative salary hike of 20% post completion.

Reclaim your career with Career Vriddhi

As women, we often compromise with our careers and opt for inevitable career breaks. Career Vriddhi is an exclusive program to help women return to the workforce after a prolonged career break.

Women on a career break often come across situations where they find their area of expertise has changed a lot while they were away from work. Without upskilling/reskilling they can never think of moving back into the game. 


  • Help women who are on a career break for not more than 2 years.
  • Help women from the IT/ Non-IT field to re-establish their careers in Salesforce.
  • Help women to take on jobs post completion.
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