Privacy Policy

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Purpose of collecting data – Any personal information that is provided to us while accessing our website is safeguarded by us. We think it's crucial for you to comprehend how we handle any personal details we might obtain from your interactions with us. You can have better peace of mind knowing that your personal information is secure and protected thanks to this privacy policy. "You" refers to you, the website/application user, and "Yourself" is to be interpreted in that context. Accordingly, "We" / "Us" Skillible and "Our" ought to be understood. The term "Users" denotes to all Website/application users collectively or individually, depending upon the circumstances.

Eligibility Criteria - This privacy statement is intended for everyone who visits this website, consumes its services, engages in training, or collaborates with it.

Types of Information we collect

Information you provide us - Depending on the nature of the request, we may need to gather specific information. We might need your cell number, email address, residential address, photograph, and academic background. If you apply, register, or use our services, we may obtain this personal information from you.

Information gathered automatically - Generally, you are not required to provide any personal information in order to browse our website. Automated methods may be used by us, our third-party service providers, or other Partners (collectively, "Partners") to gather various types of Information about You, your computer, or any other device used to access Our Website. The following is a sample, non-exhaustive list of the types of automatically collected information that may be gathered: network or Internet protocol address, type of browser You are using (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer), type of operating system You are using (e.g., Microsoft Windows or Mac OS), mobile network, device identifiers, device settings, browser settings, web pages of the Website You have visited, Website visited before and afterward You visited our website. The type of handheld or mobile device (such as iOS or Android) used to access the Website, your geographic location, and the articles and adverts You have accessed, seen, forwarded, and/or clicked on.

Voluntary Calls - We shall retain a record of the information you willingly offer us by electronic mail so that we can respond to you. When you register on our site or fill out a form, we are the only ones to receive information about you. Additionally, you might be prompted to submit your name, email address, or phone number when filling out a form on our website. You may access our website anonymously, but if you have provided us with your personal information and contact details, we reserve the right to contact you by phone, SMS, email, or WhatsApp to discuss our product and to make an offer, even if your number is DND-enabled.

How We May Use Information About Users

By providing Us with Your User Information, you agree that We may keep Your User Information and that We or any Partners who process it on Our behalf may hold it. Your User Information may be used by us and our partners for the following purposes:

Provide feedback, keep in touch with you about it, and follow up with trainees and clients who have applied or submitted.

Respond to your enquiries, fulfil your requests for the services, and share information with you about our offerings that we think you might find interesting.

Enforce the laws governing your use of our services, including but not limited to our policies and terms of service, and/or use the information you supplied in accordance with its intended use.

The provision of technical assistance for the website or in conjunction with our offerings and services.

Prevent copyright infringement and other potentially illegal acts from occurring on or through our website or services,

Safeguard the security of our other subscribers or users.

Conduct research on how users interact with the Services or any aspect of them, including statistical analysis of user behavior that we might share with third parties in an aggregated, depersonalized form.

To make it possible for us to fulfill any legal obligations that are placed on Us.

For the purpose of informing, you via periodic communications—which could include emails—about any new functions or services/goods. These communications from Us might advertise events that third parties are hosting on our website.


To Us, security is of utmost importance. All necessary security measures are in place to safeguard the privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of your user information. To prevent unauthorized or inappropriate access to Your User Information, including your personal information, we employ strict physical, electronic, and administrative measures.

We utilize encryption when necessary and adhere to generally established standards for the collection, storage, and protection of personal data. We save personal information for as long as it takes to fulfil your service request and then for legal and administrative needs. These could be timeframes required by laws, contracts, or other agreements; for resolving, protecting, enforcing, or defending our legal or contractual rights; required to maintain adequate and accurate business and financial records; or for how you access, update, or otherwise interact with our systems.

All appropriate measures will be taken by this website to protect the privacy of personal information, uploaded content, etc., and to ensure that any information you provide won't be used improperly. This website also makes available any information or personal data you provide in support of legal proceedings. While this website will take the aforementioned reasonable precautions to prevent the misuse of any personal information you submit to it, we cannot guarantee that someone won't manage to get around our security measures, including but not limited to the security measures put in place on this Web site. In light of this, entering personal information or data on this website indicates that you accept this risk and that you are waiving your right to legal action as a result.

Information disclosure

We may disclose the User Information as follows:

To the client(s) and providers or Partners that we have hired to carry out business-related tasks on our behalf, for their consideration.

In response to procedure, such as a court order, subpoena, a request from law enforcement or a government agency, or a similar request.

Together with third parties, we may investigate, prevent, or take action (in our sole discretion) about potentially illegal actions, suspected fraud, circumstances involving possible threats to any person, us, or the Website, or violations of our policies, the law, or our Terms of Use, as well as to confirm or enforce compliance with the rules regulating our website.

We shall not disclose or divulge user information outside of India. We will abide by all applicable laws governing data protection in India that are currently in effect.

Other Linked Services

Our website might have integrations or links to other services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other media platforms, all of which may have information practices that differ from ours. Visitors should review the privacy policies for these other services because we have no control over the data that is sent to or collected by these outside parties.

Acceptance of the Policy You hereby recognize and irrevocably accept the terms of this policy by accessing, registering for, or contributing content to our website. Do not use our website or services or submit any personal information here if you disagree with this Policy.

Governing Law This Privacy Policy is governed by and operated in accordance with the laws of India. If any of the parties wish to seek legal recourse, they may do so by using the courts of law in New Delhi.

Changes/Updates in Privacy Policy You should frequently check these policies since we may occasionally update them. You will be deemed to have accepted the privacy statement in effect at the time you use the Website.

Grievance Officer The Grievance Officer's name and contact information are listed below in compliance with the Information Technology Act of 2000 and the rules promulgated thereunder: