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Minimum Qualification


Benefits of Full Stack Development Professional

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Excellent Remuneration

Full-stack developers in India earn about 6 LPA on average. For specialists with a lot of knowledge and expertise, it can reach up to 14 LPA. The minimum salary for a full-stack developer in India is around 3.5 LPA, according to a recent study conducted by Glassdoor.

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Higher Productivity Rate

Full Stack Developers have an advantage over other developers since they have the potential to make technical decisions more quickly and see the broader view.

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Always In Demand

Full-stack engineers are always trending as they work on all three major stages of the process: display, logic, and database. Organizations desire multi-skilled personnel that can keep up with the emerging behests and fulfill a variety of tasks.


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Our Offerings

Skills Covered

Front End Languages & Framework: Such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Backend Technologies & Frameworks

Database Management System

Version Control

Web Hosting Platforms

Creativity, Analytical Skills, Problem solving skills & Time Management Skills

Tools Covered

  • HTML
  • BootStrap
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • React
  • Docker
  • Redux
  • NodeJS
  • CSS
  • MongoDB

Key Features

Earn All in One Solution to all aspects of software development only with Skillible

Flexibility to learn while you’re earning

Greater placement opportunity with enhanced learning.

Outcome Driven Training

An Immersive Learning Platform

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to web development
  • Fundamental of web
  • VS Code installation and introduction
  • GIT introduction

  • HTML: table, form, div, media para etc
  • CSS: colour, font, border style etc. Background, inline, external, minimise etc
  • Bootstrap: Nav, grid, spacing, D Flex, Media
  • Project: Work on a project where you have show your creativity

  • Javascript: Introduction of javasript with types, conditional statement, loops, console etc.
  • Javascript: functions, array functions, variable scopes etc
  • DOM: Introduction, manipulation, selecter method, events
  • ES6: Introduction, keywords, Arrow functions etc

  • React: Introduction of react, structure of react, state, prop.
  • React: stateful, stateless, class based, functional componant. Componant lifecycle
  • React: Server side integrattion
  • React: Data managment
  • React: Handling multiple pages, Routing, SPA
  • Redux: How iit work
  • Unit testing
  • Project: Implemnet the learning of React in same project which done in Html session.

  • SQL and NoSql Concepts
  • Create and Manage MongoDB
  • MongoDB: Fundamentals
  • MongoDB: Curd Operations
  • MongoDB: Aggregation and other advance operation with pipeline.
  • MongoDB: Schema Desiign
  • MongoDB: Replication, sharding, administration, security
  • Project Design the database for the given application

  • DSA: Data Structures: Arrays, Strings, Stacks, Queues
  • DSA: Time and Memory complexity
  • DSA: Recursion, Sorting, Searching, Two pointers
  • Node js: Overview, basic, setup Utilities
  • Node js: Console, Command Utilities
  • Node js: Modules, Concepts, Events
  • Node js with Express js, routing
  • Node js: Database Access
  • Node js: Rest API, testing with Postman
  • Unit testing
  • Project: Add the backend application in the project.

  • Microservice Architecture understnading
  • Microserivce implementtation in Nodes js
  • Docker understanding
  • Deploy microservice using docker
  • Project: Convert the project into microservice and deploy using docker

  • Understanding of cloud
  • Application Deployment on AWS

Work on the industry project in a collaborative way which cover all the concept of a fullstack developer.

Prepare you for the industry with all the concept with one to one session, mock interview which include technical and soft skills.